Pumpkin Spice Outfit Spotlight

You heard right folks, here you get to see lots of adorable photos of my autumn themed outfit.

The warm and tacky colors of the skirt seem to blend all the favorite autumn spices together for the base of your beverage, while the oversized orange sweater adds that cozy warm touch to your brew. Finished with a adorable crochet hat (it was thrifted) and furry winter boots (thrifted again),that just seem to add the whip cream and sugar to your favorite festive brew…..your pumpkin spice latte… or cookies or anything else you can add the best spices ever to!

Anyway I have rambled on enough, just one last quick note, (I promise) the bracelets I am wearing are from India a gift from my Aunt to all of us sisters.

No further adou….

The girl waits at the train station….
a close up on those adorable pleats!!
I know, I know pine trees are Christmas not autunm…..would can I say
In a year where travel is tough to do wearing these true bangles form India is kinda fun.
Just me being goofy, (leaves are very comfy)

From the protection of the corn field a figure spies
Photos were taken by my great sister Brooke.

Well what do you all think? If you like it then please let me know, and if you enjoy outfit spotlights and want to see more subscribe and join the group.

Have you made or purchased something that was just so adorably fall that you just wanted to twirl?

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Spice Outfit Spotlight

  1. So cute!!!! Haha, you forgot our aunt gave those bracelets to the other cousins too! Mine is a lovely blue.
    And yes of course I’ve purchased something that makes me want to twirl. That would probably be my red and black Christmas dress.

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  2. I LOVE it! Your style is so unlike the new modern immodest dress that is just thrown together. You take time to make sure it’s modest and respectful! Thank you for sharing! PS You have such good taste. I wish you could dress me!:)

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  3. Thank you for your sweet comment Mia, I love it when one of my readers reaches out to let me know what they think!
    And I am glad you like it so much!!
    It is really fun to put together outfits and have them match like this one did. When I saw the the pumpkin colored yarn I knew I had to get it to go with this print fabric I found last year!


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