What I made in 2022

Hello Friends, Sometimes as life speeds by we feel like we are accomplishing nothing, that is why it can be so rewarding to pause and look back over the past year! And, so saying, I would love to share with you the major sewing projects I was able to complete this year! I decided to … More What I made in 2022

My Christmas Dress

Hello Friends, I wanted to share with you some photos of my Christmas outfit this year! For the past 2 years I have been making Holiday outfits and I didn’t want this year to be a exception. However, I was super swamped with sewing a ballgown then making Christmas gifts. So I decided to instead … More My Christmas Dress

A Quiet Thanksgiving

It is once again Thanksgiving! Such a wonderful holiday! And yet it seems it is sometimes the holidays filled with the most warmth and love that can also be the loneliest. This year I once again find myself far from home. Its a quiet day for me, a small dinner, some light music and a … More A Quiet Thanksgiving

7 Ways to Enjoy Late Summer/Lavender Field Photo Shoot!

September is here and in full swing! All of us seem to be counting down the days till autumn, when cozy sweaters, hot cups of chai tea, and pumpkins are ‘allowed’ in our homes! While I am definitely in the top ranks of people dreaming of fall, I also think there is something to be said about enjoying the end of summer. … More 7 Ways to Enjoy Late Summer/Lavender Field Photo Shoot!