Reasons I Wish I Lived in the Past When It Came To Dating…

Hey Friends,
Am I the only one that is really noticing the difference of our current era compared to, lets say, the era our grandparents grew up in, and wishing things hadn’t changed so much?

DISCLAIMER: (Yes, I am fully aware that not all guys in the past were great people, and I’m also fully aware that there are lots of great modern people. This post is just a generalization of two very different societies and how these different societies treated relationships.)

3 thoughts on “Reasons I Wish I Lived in the Past When It Came To Dating…

  1. Something happened to our culture, that’s for sure! One of the many things that I have noticed especially nowadays is how hard it is to meet nice, respectable gentlemen. Where are all they hiding? It went from, “Oh save me my most noble knight,” to “Well, looks like I have to go out and find you myself!” This is such an arduously trying quest!
    Also, I feel like this is an age where so much deindividuation is happening through social media, and this affects the way people view themselves and others. This would ultimately affect the way people date and that is why such things have shifted our culture so much.
    But I know what you mean. Chivalry was alive not too long ago in society. Chivalry still exists somewhere, but you have to look closely.

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  2. As much as I’m a sucker for romance, . . .
    – women couldn’t open a credit card account acct or a bank account w/o a male co-signer — until 1974
    – a woman’s husband controlled their jointly owned property & didn’t need her consent to dispose of it as he pleased — until 1981
    – no-fault divorce only began to be adopted in the US in 1969 and wasn’t fully adeopted by all 50 states until 2010 (!!!!!!).
    **Fun fact: In several states, such as New York, “Cruelty” was not considered legitimate terms for divorce, no matter how badly & often he’d beaten you.
    – domestic violence was considered a “private matter” until late 1970s, & marital rape was definitely not considered a “real thing” until the 1990ish
    – & still the Violence Against Women Acts weren’t passed til 1994—2005.

    … which is my long-winded way of saying that I’d rather know a guy is a jerk up front, than being wooed into a guy who turns out to be a jerk, but I’m stuck with him.

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