The Gift

n a kingdom long ago and in a place far from here their lived a kind and majestic monarch. This king was not only honest and just but also loving and compassionate So much so that all of his subjects were ones he rescued from slavery and other such miserable existences. To each he gave not only a new life in his kingdom but also a special gift. … More The Gift

The Injury

In her emotion and haste Lucy forgot the window, the violent gesture flung her body against the frail glass and, in a horrifying, second it shattered. For a moment time stopped as she tried vainly to regain her balance but, with a terrified scream toppled from the tower window, and towards the ground below……
It’s the story you have been waiting for. … More The Injury

The Angel

Finally here is a story… which I know you all have been really wanting so…OK this is actually a very short story but I had a 300 word limit (so confining 😆)because I entered into a a contest to win a free book . I hope you guys enjoy it and I had a lot … More The Angel

The Two Roses

The rose stood in an ornate glass vase. Layers of passion red petals formed the womanly type curves and burst like scores of petticoats at its crown. A slender green stem dipped itself into the clear water, pushing clusters of green leaves to the lip of the vase. Sharp dark thorns only proved to heighten … More The Two Roses

Birthday Prayer

Lord, please give me strength to live The kind of life you alone can give. Strength to be the woman who Will never, ever waver in you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lord please give me hope to see, The future you have made for me. Hope to press on when its bleak When I always you will seek. … More Birthday Prayer