A Auto Mishap

It was going to be a perfect day, or at least that is what Mindy had planned.Now standing next to her, her ditched car nothing seemed perfect. Moving to the Midwest had been hard, to be honest she was still struggling to make it all feel like home, but more then that she was just … More A Auto Mishap

The Road

It was night and she had gone to bed hours before, when her mind drifted from sleep into an unforgettable dream. Everything was vivid, intense, and full of color. It felt so real that, in all her life, she would never forget what happened. … More The Road

His Christmas Prayer

Like a movie scene I can still see it all played out…..In a snowy field in the frosty morning air walked a young man. He wore jeans, a heavy coat and old work boots. In his hands he carried his well-loved, dog-eared Bible. He was saying something in fervent prayer and continued on for some … More His Christmas Prayer

The Gift

n a kingdom long ago and in a place far from here their lived a kind and majestic monarch. This king was not only honest and just but also loving and compassionate So much so that all of his subjects were ones he rescued from slavery and other such miserable existences. To each he gave not only a new life in his kingdom but also a special gift. … More The Gift