Thank You and Update

Hey you all! I just wanted to take some time to say thank you to all who have read, liked, commented, and/or followed to my blog. Your support is hugely appreciated and I am so blessed by you involvement.

I know that this has been a crazy journey and it seems like my blog theme is constantly changing, I’m sure when you subscribed you had no idea what a ‘roller coaster ride’ you were in for.

Truly life has been crazy for all of us, and I’m sorry I couldn’t provide a nice stable place on the web you could go to when you wanted a break. But I guess apologizing is only good so many times.

I want to know your opinion on what kinda posts you would like me to make?

I am hoping to release another story prompt pick, and a story. Would you be interested in some posts about natural remedies and herbal wellness? Oh how about some recipes? I was thinking I might do some where you get to meet my pets and see my farm.

my sweet Abe (photo courtesy of my cousin)

Now for the life update part if you are interested. I sold my two goats (very sad) but since I couldn’t drink goat milk they weren’t useful anymore.

Recently I have had the privilege of sharing a lesson at the youth group I attend. It was a nervous time but a great experience and I am so glad I did it.

In July I will be attending the Montrose Christian Writers Conference and then shortly thereafter going on a family vacation in Virginia. Not to mention life has just gotten very busy…..we have large gardens and a farm so I am busy with those and school.

My summer is getting busy and exciting, though I ask for your prayer. I am graduating next year and their are a lot of decisions to make. So I would be grateful if you could prayer for discernment and joy. I will be honest when I say that joy sometimes is hard to keep.

OK, well I am not sure if you like hearing about my life but I guess you just did. I would love it if you could reach out in the comments and let me know how you are doing and any prayer requests you have. (We are the body of Christ and it is our duty as part of a group to up hold one another in prayer.)

Don’t forget to let me know what posts you like most and which ones you want to see more of!

4 thoughts on “Thank You and Update

  1. Awww sorry about your goats! 😦 I love goats milk, I would have loved to have them!
    I especially love stories, poems, and recipes! So that would be awesome to see more off!
    I can’t wait to see where your blog goes from here!

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