The Angel

Finally here is a story… which I know you all have been really wanting so…OK this is actually a very short story but I had a 300 word limit (so confining 😆)because I entered into a a contest to win a free book .

I hope you guys enjoy it and I had a lot of fun going with the inspiration that I got to write this. If you want to reach out to me and let me know you like this blog then please feel free to leave me a comment and like the post!

The Angel

“Don’t cry,” said the 12-year-old as he held a fellow orphan in his arms. “Don’t cry Ali” he soothed again, “We don’t need to be sad because we have someone who cares for us. The child stopped for a moment and looked up hopefully into the boy’ face. Rubbing his tears away with grimy hands he asked “Who loves us Yosef?”

Now the older boy grinned with a smile that can only come from pure joy. “Look” was all he said, as he carefully pulled a little crumpled angel from his pocket.  It was made of paper and string. With its face drawn on by a marker. “See, God loves us, and he shows it by sending his angels to watch over us.”

Ali stared in rapturous wonder and he reached out ever so gently to touch the little angel. He sat down and stared at its uneven eyes and crooked mouth for a very long time. Then standing up he said “I wish I had my own angel.”

Yosef smiled and with only a moment hesitation placed the angel back into the child’s hand. “Here Ali you can have it.”

Once again, the angel was given at great cost to it owner to another needy soul. Before it came to the Middle East it was in the US where it hung in the room of college freshman, before being passed to a fellow student who miscarried, a child with cancer, a dying old man, and the list goes on.  To the world it was an ugly piece of trash but, to its owners it was one of the greatest treasures one could obtain. Because it was made with love and when we make anything with love, God’s love. Its impact is outstanding and its effects eternal.

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