Farewell In The Darkening Evening

The poem you are about to read is from the perspective of a young soldier in the Civil War.

As the evening settles upon the camp, troops gather around a glowing fire resting from the days march. In this time of quiet their thoughts often drift back to home, family, and sweethearts.

Our young soldier leans against a tree a few yards away, he pulls a worn notebook from his coat pocket. As he opens the cover, he pauses to gaze tenderly at the portrait of the girl he loves. For a moment his thoughts are raised from the hardship of war and pulling a pen from the book he pours out his soul in verse.

The sun has sunk far from view
Yet still the light remains.
It brings back thoughts of you, 
And the melody of loves refrain.

It's often in this time of peace
My thoughts are then set free,
To wander down garden paths
And dream each dream of thee.

And gathered round the fire bright
I see in each comrades eyes, 
Thoughts of home, love, and light-
Escape in their weary sighs.

We are not brutes who lust for war and killing,
For when the bullets are fired and shots ring loud.
Our hearts go back to those so loving and willing,
Who kissed us goodbye and waved from the crowd.

Please remember me, for I may die tonight-
Remember me for who I am, not who I slayed.
Not as a war hero and all they will say or write.
Remember a boy who longed for home and wept while others prayed.

                                                                                                                                                   -Mindy Moyer

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