He’s Reaching for You

I recently got inspiration to write this poem, I am using it conclude a lesson I will be giving at a Bible Study/ Youth Group I attend. I hope y’all enjoy it and that is God uses it to bless your life.

God created Life

He created man and wife.

He created Beauty

He created Duty.


And then the tree, the snake, the fruit.

The wily lie “You are too good-

The Queen of heaven you should reign

Eat and you and God shall be the same.”


She put her worth above them all,

And her first idol she erected tall.

“One bite and then-” was all she thought.

But who knew what misery that bite wrought?


Pain for the mother, curse to the ground.

No longer would plants grow with abound.

Thistles, thorns, and other dangers in sod,

But the worst was separation from God.


Now idols abound throughout History sad.

What trouble they wrought was much worse than bad.

When man puts anything above Christ the King

He erects another senseless idol of bling.


The devil uses sin in and sin out

To weave dangerous webs of doubt.

From Babylon to the golden calf heil,

From Herod’s rage to Peter’s denial.


Greed and lust sin carries in tow,

Horrible acts you would shudder to know.

Helpless babies die every moment’s close

Just as Hitler killed all those he chose.


Pride and indifference tear us apart,

Pity and depression sink into our heart.

Addiction and violence shatter our life,

Distrust and fear we bear like a knife.


Is it too late? Are we destined to fail?

Are we forever locked in sins dark hopeless jail?

“No, my friend, there is hope for each one.

If only you shall see what Jesus has done.”


His own life He cared not to save

But instead freely died, freely gave.

His salvation and grace for all who will,

Only ask and receive a cup of your fill.


“But for us who have wandered is their hope for us in-?

We are saved by His blood but have floundered in sin.”

“Yes, there is, my disheartened friend.

Jesus’s grace doth have no end.”


Only repent, plead pardon at the foot of His cross?

Your gain was purchased at His terrible loss.

And when you are saved no matter your vice.

You shall always be saved because of the price-


Christ paid for our sins and all our misdeeds,

All of the wrongs we raised above He.

All of our idols we’re ‘shamed to admit

His death on the cross has cut to the quick.


So, you cannot stay neutral, you cannot be gray,

Do not let sin make you refuse Jesus today.

Grasp His hand, it’s reaching for you

His presence shall carry you all through and through.

 -Mindy Moyer

Did you enjoy it? If you want to know more about Jesus or writing poetry reach out to me in the comments or my contact page. If you’d rather not just let me know you enjoyed it by giving it a like. And if you really just can’t get enough subscribe and follow me through life’s crazy journey!

10 thoughts on “He’s Reaching for You

  1. I enjoyed it very much.
    This poem is so poignant but powerful just like what good poetry should be
    A constant companion, a solace and a endless stream of sanity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and positive feedback Mia,
      When God gives us inspiration it will bless our work and grant it with eternal significance. ❤
      It’s good to know there is still poetry lovers out there!


  2. Wow!!! I love it! That is SO amazing!!! You are so good at getting to the heart. That was just so beautiful!
    I especially loved these two verses. They were just so encouraging!
    ” Grasp His hand, it’s reaching for you
    His presence shall carry you all through and through. ”
    Thank you Mindy!💕

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am so glad that Jesus gave me the words and inspiration for this poem, and that you love it so much!!!
    I always find it so interesting after I write something like this and then I look back and say, wow this is going to make me cry it is so deep (truly its Christ putting this verses in my head!)


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