Regal Vintage Outfit

So…finally the post you have been waiting for. It is the outfit I made for my 17th birthday. I got the inspiration to sew myself an outfit a few weeks ago. With all of us needing to stay home during this quarantine it was the perfect time to roll up my sleeves and get the sewing machine out.

I was hoping I would picture the whole process and post how I made it…but I was learning so much along the way that I didn’t get the all the photos and was so focused and getting it done that I wasn’t writing down my process and it is hard to explain (hopefully that won’t happen again.) So a big apology to those who want to learn along side my sewing journey.

By now I’m sure you feel like….Just stop talking we want to see what you made not just hear you go on and on…. Okay then, you win, here are some photos of my regal vintage inspired outfit.

So the skirt I made without a pattern, but I took the idea of the wide waist band from the same pattern I used form the shirt. (If you want to know how you can make a skirt without a pattern then you can comment or contact me.)

The blouse is made from a 1940’s pattern, it is from the simplicity 1261 pattern.( It was trickier to use an old fashioned pattern but I learned a lot. (Also on a foot note I didn’t make the undershirt you see poking out of my sleeves, it was cold day so I wore it to keep warm.)

The head wrap is also vintage inspired, I was originally going to do a bow but, it changed into a roll. Not only does this give the classic head-wrap look of the 40’s and 50’s but the front almost gives the feeling that my bangs a curled up into a large victory roll. It is made of the same skirt fabric but lined with a silky pink material. The key to head-wraps is not making them too bulky.

Overview; Most 40’s and 50’s skirts are shorter with the hem line just below the knee. But be dropping the hem to ankle length it added and elegant touch, also the head wrap reminds me of a crown, while the blouse is a great true to style vintage piece. Although this is not all historically accurate I am happy how it all came together.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post! I have some more great content coming up so stay tuned. If you did enjoy this post and want to see more similar to it then please give it a like and leave a comment!

*photo credit goes to my sister Brooke!

Thanks for reading!!!

8 thoughts on “Regal Vintage Outfit

  1. This turned out really, really well!!! Good job! Any good vintage patterns you’ve found? I want to try to start incorporating more vintage clothing into my wardrobe, and the best way to do that is see mine own.

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    1. Thank you Millie,
      Here a few tips about patterns;
      1. As far as pattern go their is such a great selection, I recommend finding a company you like (Mcalls, Simplicity etc.) And searching their patterns.
      2. I also find that going on the eBay or Etsy online stores and just typing in vintage patters. Then you will get to look through a whole variety of them.
      3. It also helps to find out what vintage styles you like and don’t like and what decades the ones you like are in that way you can narrow down your search.
      4. You can also check out blogs and vlogs that do a make a lot of vintage outfits to find their recommendations, in fact that is how I found the pattern for the blouse. Here is that same blog, it is all about vintage and I think you will enjoy it!
      5. Lastly, when you have inspiration go with it!

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