The Noblest Quality

He stood looking across the field, watching Lilly. Her long blue dress fluttering in the wind and her hair cascading over her shoulders. She was talking to that foreign Prince, strolling through the gardens. The gardens he kept so well-tended, so well-tended for her. He cared deeply for Lillian and was grateful for their friendship. They both loved flowers, and they used to spend hours talking, and gathering them from the fields. Now that she was older, lovelier, and more eligible, her father the Duke thought it best if his daughter spent less time with the peasants and more with Nobles of her ranking.
Jeffrey exhaled a heavy sigh, “Would she ever know his true feelings?”
He was brought from his reveries by the sound of distress, it was Lilly, looking up quickly he saw that the pair had left the path and were sitting on a bench beside the roses. The Prince was leaning in to kiss her, and she was attempting to push him away.
Fury flashed across his youthful features and in a moment Jeffrey had leapt over the fence and before thinking had struck the Prince a hard blow to the head with his quarterstaff. … More The Noblest Quality

His Christmas Prayer

Like a movie scene I can still see it all played out…..In a snowy field in the frosty morning air walked a young man. He wore jeans, a heavy coat and old work boots. In his hands he carried his well-loved, dog-eared Bible. He was saying something in fervent prayer and continued on for some … More His Christmas Prayer

The Gift

n a kingdom long ago and in a place far from here their lived a kind and majestic monarch. This king was not only honest and just but also loving and compassionate So much so that all of his subjects were ones he rescued from slavery and other such miserable existences. To each he gave not only a new life in his kingdom but also a special gift. … More The Gift

The Injury

In her emotion and haste Lucy forgot the window, the violent gesture flung her body against the frail glass and, in a horrifying, second it shattered. For a moment time stopped as she tried vainly to regain her balance but, with a terrified scream toppled from the tower window, and towards the ground below……
It’s the story you have been waiting for. … More The Injury