Once upon a time….In a land far away,

Ok, this blog may not be a fairy tale, but this is a ‘first’ post so I thought why not start off with something whimsical.

Although I encourage you to check out the about section, I will also use this post as another way of introduction.  Now I am not an experienced seamstress or a professional writer I am simply a girl who has a passion for the things of History. I want this to be a place online where you can go to when you just want to be yourself as I will try to be just that. I Am aiming to publish a post a week sometimes it will be about an outfit I created, or something I sewed, it might be a short story I wrote, or maybe even a review, all of them held together by their relation to the past.

Here is a few pictures to get to know me better….

a few years ago….
A few years ago..
last spring
Last winter
Last spring
Last summer

As you can see I am a girl who might where a old fashioned outfit all evening then hop into comfy sweatpants at night…

Every day with God’s grace I pray to become more of who I am so…….Are you ready to come along on a roller coaster ride through History, filled with tears and laughter, trials, and victory?