Book of the Month Challenge, Did I meet my goal?

Hello Friends,

Do you remember last years post?

Book of the Month Challenge

Where I challenged myself to read a book every month? And while I did not quite manage to read 12 books, I did reach over 75% of my goal and today I’d love to share with you the books I read!

Book 1: The Glory of God Revealed

This was such a amazingly inspiring book! Full of powerful imagery and deep insight! I definitely recommend this one! It’s a prophetic book that’s actually positive!!

Book 2: “Love Stories of WW2”

This was one of my favorites! There is nothing like a good love story and they are so much better if they are true! In the midst of the desolation and hopelessness of war shines these stories of couples who found each other, often because of the war, and fell in love for life!

Book 3. “When Beauty Blooms”

I love this book so much! Victoria Lynn truly touches the heart strings as she weaves the sweetest 18th love story between a awkward young lady and a kind sweet Vicar. From their embarrassing meeting on the balcony to a rose garden reunion this book is almost impossible to set down!

Book 4: ‘True Grit”

While most of you probably only think of this as a movie, it was first a book! A suspenful, fast paced western, we follow a young girl as she hires a lawman to help her track down her father’s killer. The characters are vividly portrayed and so real in description you feel like your right there with them! It’s one of those book that any person will enjoy!

Book 5: ‘James and the Giant Peach’

If you Enjoy Roald Dahl then you need to read this book! Its heartwarming and hysterical! Join young James as he escapes his evil Aunts in a giant peach and meet all of his quirky insect friends! A book that will keep you smiling all the way through.

Book 6: ‘The Victorian Flower Dictionary’

After my cousin gave me this book I have been completely obsessed with the meanings of flowers! This is truly a most have reference for any one who enjoys the Victorian era and/or flowers! Each entry has excerpts from poems, a history on how the flower got its meaning, and a picture depicting the flower! It is so much fun to browse!

Book 8: “Bridal Bouquet”

As a lover of poetry I thoroughly enjoyed this volume, Filled with romantic poems, book excerpts, and beautiful paintings, one could spend hours reading and rereading! And while it does have a few odd poems, most of them are beautiful and sweet!


I also got 3/4 way through “The Last Full Measure”

While I didn’t quite meet my goals, I am glad with what I did get accomplished in the midst of a really busy life! Sometimes its all about the small steps.

So will I be challenging myself to read a book a month for 2023? Absolutely!!! I am so excited about my upcoming reads! The question is, will you join me?


I’d love to hear about some of the books you read last year, do you have any favorites or recommendations?

4 thoughts on “Book of the Month Challenge, Did I meet my goal?

  1. Those all look amazing! Now…as usual, your inspiration is rubbing off on me.
    So… I have some recommendations for anyone who enjoys adventure mixed with a bit of historical fiction/fantasy and of course romance. Wayfarer by K.M. Weiland is one of the books I read about a year ago, and I still feel reminiscent when I think about it. It’s set it England at the turn of the century and has a little bit of a magical element about it, as Will, the protagonist, accidently acquires the ability to run with superhuman speed. He is unaware of what his ability can do…for better or for worse…
    I would HIGHLY recommend following her blog also. It is a GREAT resource for writers!

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