A Quiet Thanksgiving

It is once again Thanksgiving! Such a wonderful holiday! And yet it seems it is sometimes the holidays filled with the most warmth and love that can also be the loneliest. This year I once again find myself far from home. Its a quiet day for me, a small dinner, some light music and a few good movies. And although my heart may long for home and family, I still feel it swelling with gratitude for all the blessing the Lord had given me this past year!

First of all, I am eternally grateful for the Lord, he has guided me and been by my side throughout this year, even through some very great difficulties, and I know even if I am physically alone I shall never be spiritually alone! He is truly the best friend I could ever ask for.

Secondly I am so grateful for my family, (though so far away) I realize that I couldn’t be where I am and doing what I’m doing without their support! And while so many changes are swirling around it is such a secure feeling to know that no matter our differences or the distance we still care about each other.

Thirdly; My friends, they have been such a blessing this year, far away or close at hand! So many long phone calls! So many stories that we shared with one another. And as we all continue to grow up and pursue careers its so wonderful to know we are still staying in touch! I also love my friends out here, my teacher has really become one of my best friends, we work and talk, and I know that we will always be close! And all the wonderful people at my Bible Study who have ‘adopted’ me into their group!

Fourthly, I’m grateful for the amazing events my teacher has introduced me to this year! From my first Civil War Reenactment to my first Victorian Ball!!! I have loved every moment! And through these I have met some of the most wonderful people! It is just way to much fun to go places where there are rooms (or fields) full of people who are as crazy about history as I am!! lol

So many other wonderful things have happened this year, In so many ways I continue to grow! And so another Thanksgiving is here! What a beautiful thing to have a entire day set aside for counting blessings! I only pray that we all remember that no matter what happens, with the Lord every day is Thanksgiving!

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