7 Ways to Enjoy Late Summer/Lavender Field Photo Shoot!

September is here and in full swing! All of us seem to be counting down the days till autumn, when cozy sweaters, hot cups of chai tea, and pumpkins are ‘allowed’ in our homes! While I am definitely in the top ranks of people dreaming of fall, I also think there is something to be said about enjoying the end of summer.

While we talk about late summer, I’d love to share some of these lovely lavender field photoshoot shots with you! (photo credit: Sara Gonzalez)

Finally the weather isn’t stifling, breezes blow free and wildflowers cloak the roadsides! I have been thinking about favorite September activities. There are so many great ways to enjoy the last fleeting weeks of summer!

Here are some of my favorites!

  1. Picnics
  2. Reading a book under a tree
  3. Eating watermelon on the deck
  4. Long walks
  5. Gathering wildflowers
  6. Bike Rides
  7. Stargazing


Picnics are such a fun activity! Always bring a big blanket! They don’t have to be elaborate, pack something simple like sandwiches, chips, pickles, and fruit of your choice. Find a peaceful location; your town park, beside a trail, or even in your own back yard. Whether you go with friends, your family, or even by yourself. You are sure to have a good time!

Reading a Book Under a Tree:

This is a great way to enjoy the weather and soak up the fresh summer air, and you may even feel like a character from a movie lol.

Eating Watermelon on the Deck;

I know its kinda specific, but somehow this seems like the perfect thing to do in September. There is something very enjoyable about watching the sun set while munching on large juicy slices of melon!

Long Walks:

It is very hard to beat a long walk this time of year. The air is light with a hint of crispness. The flowers wave all around and it seems the perfect setting to reflect on the past months.

Gathering Wildflowers:

Brighten up your home with bouquets of lovely blooms or sweeten somebody’s day with a surprise bouquet!

Bike Rides:

Explore that new bike trail you’ve been dying to all summer! Make sure to bring water and a snack though!


Yes, finally stargazing. Looking up into the heaven after night has fallen has often filled me with awe. Suddenly my troubles seem small, and a realize God is so much bigger then everything I’m dealing with. Bring a blanket, pillow and recruit a friend to join you, or simply slip out by your self. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep. lol

So there you have it! I’d love to here in the comments if you try any of them, and also any of your own favorite ways to enjoy late summer!

I’ll see you next time!

P.S. 10 out of 10 recommend planning a photo shoot in a lavender field next June!

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