A Surprise Encounter; Meeting the Chrismans!

Hey Friends,

Have you ever had the privilege of meeting a celebrity or someone you looked up to? Maybe it was planned, maybe you had to pay a great deal of money, or maybe just maybe it happened when you least expected it. This was just the case for my teacher and I when we went for a photoshoot at a lovely castle ruins not far from us.

We had the privilege of running into Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman! Sarah has written more then a few books including her 7 book series “The Tales of Chetzemoka” (a series taking place in the 1890s) and Gabriel makes early Victorian bicycles from scratch. Together they are totally restoring a old turn of the century house that hasn’t been lived in for over 10 years. The two recently moved from Washington to the Midwest, and were in the area to pick up some chickens.

It was such a crazy feeling when I recognized them and I looked over and I whispered to my teacher “Oh my goodness, I know those people, I follow them on YouTube!” (what are the odds.)

We all ended up chatting for almost 2 hours, Sarah gave me some advice on writing (which I plan to share in another post coming up soon!) We connected over moving home situations, with them moving from the west coast to the Midwest and me moving from the East coast. It was so much fun swopping stories of the ups and downs of historical life in our modern age. But truly this two were some of the nicest people I have met!

They dress in 1890’s fashion all the time, (which I find is so inspiring!!) and do their best to live a Victorian lifestyle in a modern world!

I find it way to fun to watch how God moves in our life arranging perfect timing. I just feel so happy and blessed to have met such nice people! Our photoshoot had supposed to have been two weeks before but I’m sure glad we had to postpone it!

If you want to get to know them better, here is a great short interview/film that I first stumbled across that introduced me to them!

Please check out there website (its splendid!) http://www.thisvictorianlife.com/ (where you can find lots of fun content and links to all her books)

And their own YouTube channel where you can follow along their old house restoring journey! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaFptzsYrDVpUvyzuUBXIMg


All in all, the day was amazing!!! I hope we run into the Chrisman’s again. The World might have gone crazy these past years but great people are still out there!

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