Story Prompt Pick #3 (A tale for Valentines)

Finally another Story prompt pick, its been way to many months since I’ve done one. And what better time to write of broken dreams and true love then in the month of February!

The rules are simple just choose your favorite!! (I installed a poll this time!!!) And the winning choice I will turn into a full story!


Eliza stood quaking, wishing with her whole heart that she was not here. Dreading tomorrow, desperate to escape. Why didn’t she just run away instead of coming to this Ball. Maybe she could have made it out of Italy and then she wouldn’t have to marry that Duke. The duke she barely knew, the duke who shouted at his attendants, and the duke who was 11 years older then her.
A shiver snaked down her spine and a tear threatened to splash across her pale cheek. This would be the last time she would be a carefree girl, the last time she could be happy.
The only thing to do was to forget tomorrow and live in the moment the last lovely moments.
Still trying to forget she walked closer to the dancing, when a tall shadow crossed her path. Standing before her was a fair haired gentlemen with dark eyes and a attractive smile. He bowed and reached his hand out.
“May I have this dance?”

He stood looking across the field, watching Lilly. Her long pink dress fluttering in the wind and her hair cascading down her back. She was talking to that foreign Prince, strolling through the gardens. The garden he kept so well tended, so well tended for her. He cared deeply for Eliza and was grateful their friendship. She loved flowers to, and they used to spend hours talking about them and gathering them from the fields. But now that she was older, lovelier, and more eligible. The King thought it best if his daughter spent less time with the peasants and more with Nobles of her ranking.
Jeffrey exhaled a heavy sigh,’ “Would she ever know his true feelings?”
He was brought from his reveries by the sound of distress, It was Lilly, looking up quickly he saw that the pair had left the path and were sitting on a bench beside the roses. The prince was leaning in as if to kiss her, and she was attempting to push him away.
Fury flashed across his youthful features and in a moment Jeffrey had leapt over the fence and before thinking had struck the Prince a hard blow to the back with a his quarterstaff.

“Must you go so soon, Roger?” She pleaded with him. Looking lovingly into his blue eyes? They stood at the end of the line of soldiers. He embraced her, one last time, and stroked her curls gently with his hand. Then pulled her away at arms length.
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be back before you can even notice I’m gone.” He smiled, then on a more serious note “You know Emily I wish you were leaving London sooner than next week, I am far more concerned about you, then I am for myself.”
“I suppose that’s why I love you, But I’m sure I’ll be fine here. You have my address in Yorkshire right?” She opened her clutch purse to grab a paper and pen. Roger stopped her arm and chuckled, his bright eyes twinkling
“I’m sure a 4rth copy won’t be necessary,” He squeezed her hand “I really will miss you Em-‘
His words cut off, as a loud explosion erupted behind them. In a sudden a terrible crashing sound, and then blackness.

One thought on “Story Prompt Pick #3 (A tale for Valentines)

  1. Oh goodness! You are making this so difficult! I love all of them so much! The first two sound as if they could be from the same book, so I’m going to say I vote for the third one as my ultimate favorite. What will happen to Emily and Roger? Will one of them die? Will they both die? What will happen? *panic attack* I MUST KNOW!!!!!


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