What I made in 2021

Wow, what a year, am I right?

And although al lot of stuff happened in my life, looking back I see I still had time to create some really fun outfits!

So lets get started looking through!!


To start off we have my Civil War Dress, it was my big project of 2021, and while it took months, to make all the different pieces the actual dress was my first winter project!

Photos by: Joyful Photography https://joyfulphotography.photo.blog/blog/

Inspired from watching “All Creatures Great and Small” (the old version) I really wanted to make some vintage dresses for my wardrobe, and this purple one I wore for my 18th Birthday! I used an actual vintage pattern!

Photos by: Joyful Photography https://joyfulphotography.photo.blog/blog/

This jumper style dress is actually the same pattern I just changed things up a bit. Like binding the arm sye and making fabric covered buttons!

I made it for a big combined Birthday party!

Photos by: Joyful Photography https://joyfulphotography.photo.blog/blog/

Here is my graduation dress! Made totally from a curtains, I wanted to make a ‘Sound of Music” style dress. While it doesn’t look to much like that it is still really lovely and I’m pretty pleased with the end result!

Photos: taken by me

Next came this 1930s beach out. This was the last project I made before I moved to the Midwest. While it did not turn out perfectly, considering the difficulty level and my time frame, it really isn’t half bad.

Photos: Brooke Moyer https://www.instagram.com/fade_and_flare/

My first outfit to make in Missouri was this polka dot dress, again from a actual vintage pattern! I made it for the 4th of July celebration, it was my first big fireworks show that I went to ever!! It was really great!

Photos: taken by me.

My teacher and I did a fun summer photo shoot, and I finished this dress just in time. As you can see its the same pattern, but I took more time to make sure this one fit right!

Photos: Veda Gonzalez Photography https://www.facebook.com/VedaGonzalezPhotography

Next off, it is my October dress! I get so crazy excited about themed projects, and fall is definitely a weak spot! lol

Photos: taken by me.

And now it was Christmas outfit!!!

Photos: taken by me.

Well, its a wrap folks! do you have a favorite outfit that I made?

I am already excited about this year and the projects that I plan to make!!

Until next time,


6 thoughts on “What I made in 2021

  1. Oooo, I love them all!!! You are so talented! I think my favorite is the blue checkered dress. So beautiful!💚 Also your Christmas outfit!🤩 They’re all gorgeous! Great post😊

    Liked by 1 person

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