Vintage Christmas Outfit!! 2021

Its that time of year again where I make a Christmas inspired outfit! (vintage of course) And share all the lovely photos with you friends!!

And so here we go!!

I do want to want to say that making the sweater top was my first time working with stretchy fabric. I actually bought a red T-shirt from the store cut off the sleeves and overlaid it with red lace fabric. Then trimmed it with some fabric from the skirt. I did remember to use zigzag stitches on the seams!

Actually the funny thing was that the red lace fabric had much less stretch then the t-shirt so the first time I tried it on I could barely fit in it lol. I ended up added a few inch panel to one side and 2 to the other, (thankfully they blend in pretty well!

This skirt I actually recycled from a pleated wrap skirt that didn’t fit me. I took it all apart a few years ago and only this month turned it into this circle skirt!

The beret I purchased from ColoursCoShop on Etsy! (you should check out the shop they have great prices!)

I really hope that this christmas is amazing for you!!!

As you gather with family and friends, may we all look and reflect on the ways we have grown, and matured, the hard lessons we have learned, and the people ,through God’s grace, we becoming!

Merry Christmas friends!!!

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