My First Week of Christmas; ‘little decorations’

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us. Hunting fo the perfect Christmas gift and impatiently waiting for the first snow. If we close our eyes we can almost picture sleighs and faintly hear tinkling bells.

In less then a week I will be heading home for the holidays and I couldn’t be happier!! But for the first week of December I still wanted it to be special and start a few small traditions of my own.

I couldn’t afford a Christmas tree so instead I bought a pine scented candle. I make sure to light it every evening even if its just for the few minutes while I get ready for bed. Something about the warm candle light is simply magic!! I noticed the candle has two wicks and I use to that remind me that I won’t ever be alone, Jesus is right beside me!!

I didn’t really have to many decorations either, so I took some autumn flowers painted the little accents red to look like holly berries and cut the leaves more jagged and painted them dark green. I’m hanging it above my door for a mistletoe. It might seem silly to hang a mistletoe when you live alone, but it seems just so traditional, and it holds the hope that I will get to share my christmas with someone special oneday!

Lastly, I have a lovely 1949 advertisement poster, as you can see its simply darling and very humorous, definitely something I plan to hang up every year!!!

I also really want to recreate this dress sometime too!

There it is, little things that I have used to make my place more festive! Last night I even stopped to watch my first Christmas parade!! I nearly drove by without stopping, but I am very glad I stayed!

Though all of this I learned an important lesson. So many times we make our happiness dependent on others, (this can be especially true this time of year.) if they fail then we feel sad and dissopointed. But the truth is our happiness is not depepndent on others, let us first be right with God, then let us realize that we are going to be the one to make our life enjoyable!! Its the mindset that matters!!!

Happy first week of Christmas!!!

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