Ironing Board Cover and Batting Tuturial

Hello Dear Friends,

Today I am excited to share the ironing board batting and cover that I made!

And with this tuturial you can make your own!

So first off a little back story;

I had been looking for a good ironing board since the one I had was so wobbly (it was frustrating.) I was talking to my teacher about it and mentioned how I wanted to find a vintage wooden one. ‘Lo and behold’ she noticed one in a local flea market for only $10! (What a deal!)

So of course I purchased it, and then it leaned up against my wall for a few weeks till made the cover.

Step 1: I drafted a pattern for the ironing board by laying it down and tracing it.

Step 2: I used this pattern to cut out the batting! (this weird looking stuff is some of my homeade felt!)

Step 3.

I then cut out two layers of some nice thick fabric to be the ‘bread’ in this felt ‘sandwich.

as you can see I also added a layer rof foam to better smooth out the entire thing.

Step 4:

I then whipped very large basting stitches through the the entire ‘sandwhich’.

Step 5:

I cut my cover fabric from the pattern but adding 3 1/2″ all around.

Step 5:

I then turned over 1/2 an inch and made it into a 1/4 inch hem.

Step 6:

Next I turned the hem to be 1/2 inch casing.

Step 7:
Then made a button hole to access the casing.

Step 8:

I took some yarn and using a bobby pin threaded it through.

Step 9:

Then I put it over the ironing board and batting.

And ‘TA DA’ its done!!!

And there it is, a very nice vintage ironing board and classy cover!

This is a great simple project to do if you want the satisfaction of completing something without having to do something tricky.

So thanks for sticking around till the end!

Let me know what creation you have been making recently, and if you do use this tuturial be sure to tag me on Instagram. @Girl_of_different_Era

Happy sewing!

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