A Auto Mishap

It was going to be a perfect day, or at least that is what Mindy had planned.
Now standing next to her, her ditched car nothing seemed perfect.

Moving to the Midwest had been hard, to be honest she was still struggling to make it all feel like home, but more then that she was just tired of being alone and far from her family. Somedays she wished Knights in shining armor really did exist. But she had to face it, heroes never really did appear out of nowhere and they weren’t going to change that now.

It had started when she drove into town to pick up some wall hangers from a women named Kate. Now pulling out of the parking lot, busy watching traffic she hadn’t paid any attention to how the pavement was narrowed above the calvert. Moments after bumping the curb her car was hanging paritally over the ditch, the passenger side wheel spinning in mid air. Frantic she jumped out of her car, how was she going to get out of this mess?
‘How stupid, serousily why did you not think?’ she began to berate herself.

Standing in her white vintage dress, and fighting back tears she felt like the image of what everyone pictures when they think of the word ‘helpless.’ . If this had been back in her home town she would have known exactly who to call but, it wasn’t and Mindy didn’t even know where to start. ‘I should call a tow truck but how do I find one?’ she thought.
As she searched her mind an older man in a pickup pulled up to the lot and got out. Relief swept over her to see that someone had stopped to help. After a quick look around the car however; “Mam, I don’t think you’ll be getting out of this, I’ll call a tow truck I used to work for this company.”

As he pulled out his cell phone and dialed, two other younger men stopped by, one was african maybe in his 30’s the other looked to be in his ’20s.
Kate, came back out and together all three assesed the unfortunate vehicle.
“Mam,” they said, “I believe we can get this car out without a tow truck, you see if we hook up a tow strap in the back and…..” they explained what they were doing. Still dazed from it all Mindy agreed, after all it would cost a lot less.

Kathy pulled around a big black Ford truck and attached a tow strap to the back of the car. Mindy handed her keys over, and while Kate pulled, the young man turned the tire as sharp as they could go, and the other man lifted up the front of the bumper to hopefully cause less injury to the car.
In a matter of moments and some cringe worthy scraping the car was back on all four tires, relief swept over Mindy. “Thank you guys all so much!”
Kate came over and gave her a hug, “Don’t worry I have done way worse, in fact I have a towing plan and if we weren’t able to get it out I would have called the company and told them it was my car.
The african fellow came over and gave her a fist bump, “This is how we do it in America,” he said with a smile.
“You sure your okay?” asked the young man, and gave her a thumbs up.

Finally calming down Mindy hopped into her car and took the other exit out, with the road rolling past her she began to ponder. Maybe, Heroes still existed, they might not where armor or cloaks anymore but they are just as real. She smiled to herself Missouri might just make a good home afterall.

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