1940’s Blue Checked Dress #Outfit Spotlight

Hello Dear Friends,

Today’s post is showcasing some fabulous photos!

I recently finished this lovely blue checked dress to wear for a photo shoot with my teacher! Afterwards with got an opportunity for individual photos as well!

Yes, it is the same pattern as the red polka dot dress! It is fun that I have two ‘copies’ or it, I definitely did more adjusting on this second one. I am much more pleased with the fit of it!

Never forget the importance of a mock-up, (I have been learning that the hard way. lol)

Another fun thing with this dress is the fact that I used a pattern made in the ’40’s. Although it was more fragile, the sizing is much closer to mine then modern measurements! (Just another reason I love those times!)

I love my hair snood from the 1940’s! It is so much fun to wear actual antiques!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the photos and the outfit! I am hoping to use some of them as a post phots and some of the topics I want to talk about!

Did this post give you some vintage inspiration?


Photos by Veda Gonzalez Photography, (her Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/VedaGonzalezPhotography/?ref=page_internal)

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