A Tour of my new Room!

Dear Friends,

I finally got my room into a state where I can be pleased with it, and I thought it would be fun to share a little glimpse of it with you all! Maybe you might get some inspiration of your own!

My sewing table! (I love the way it can get so much bigger when I need the space for projects!)

Its gotta to be one of my favorite decorations!

I stash my fabric and sewing boxes underneath the table!

I just adore my record player!

Tea anyone? my tiny little stove heater is just so fun!

Hopeful, my dress form, all dressed up.

Aren’t antique door handles so interesting!

My bed side table.

These lights are seriously amazing!

I adore this little spread of pictures! It is so well matched and put together!

I keep my hats a a little narrow edge of the wall above my bed. (Yes, some of them have come tumbling down. lol)

The jewelry box my sister gave me so many years ago…

This is basically my everything.

My pretty space..

My Mom and I picked this vintage vanity set out together! I totally love it, and I really think soft bristle brushes are a good idea!

I like the green theme of my bathroom, and its perfect how some of my supplement bottles match right along with it!

And a fun bonus photo!

So I hope you had some fun getting a look at my room, and some of the fun things about it! Of course it doesn’t always look like that with all the projects I do, but showing you all a messy room would be kind of um…uninspiring. That being said the whispers of a fun project announcement are true and next post or the one after you will finally get to figure out what that is all about!

Have a great day!

12 thoughts on “A Tour of my new Room!

    1. Thankyou so much! I really do love old fashioned things!
      And it really justs starts a little bit at a time. In my case the family I was staying with loved antiques to so that made it a step easier but still, my advice is go check out thrift stores, antique malls, and even listings for old styled things on the web.
      So glad you enjoyed the post!

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