My First 4th of July outfit! (I saw a fireworks show for the first time!!!)

Hello Friends,

I hope life has been treating you well!

I have had a week to settle in and while I still miss my family and friends a great deal I am finally getting a little more comfortable with my new life!

With some spare time on my hands last week, I decided to do what any normal 21st century teenager would do….make a dress.

Although it has no blue, it still somehow turned into a 4th of July outfit! (Its been something that I have wanted to do for quite some time!)

So enjoy the photos!

This lovely bouquet was a gift from Mrs. Mary’s (the family I’m housing with) sister!

I love how this photo turned out!

And then I headed off to the nearby town of Bolivar, where every year they have a huge 4th of July celebration!! My teacher Sarah there and we had a lovely time!

We had a picnic, enjoyed live music, and I still can’t believe I got to see real fireworks up close!!!

All and all it was a wonderful evening, and something I am definitely going to have to do again!!!

P.S. For all you who want to know how my journey to Missouri went then go ahead and check out the vlog I made about my journey!

10 thoughts on “My First 4th of July outfit! (I saw a fireworks show for the first time!!!)

    1. Thank you,
      I had a moment of panic about the fit of it, but after a last minute alteration it turned out okay, I will be making another in a blue check fabric!


  1. Late, but amazing post!!! That dress is beautiful and you look STUNNING in it!!!💚 That video of your trip was SO cool, and I really enjoyed it! I miss you so much!!

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