1930’s Bathing outfit spotlight! + I need to stop rushing projects.

Hey Friends,

Here is the post (cue confetti) that I promised.

Last week I made this beach outfit, and well….I realized, after I started it that I needed to it done quickly so… I rushed it. A hurried project is never perfect, and this one is no exception…

Rather then me typing out all of this, go ahead and watch the short video below!

Okay, well I have talked enough about failing, rushing, and problems so lets get right into the photos, (and maybe we can pretend the suit isn’t so wrinkly?😉)

These are reproduction 1940’s glasses, I got them off Etsy! Here is a link to the shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/VivaLaRosaVintage?ref=notif_nfyfs&order=date_desc

I really love how the cape turned out!! it was just fun to pose with!

It makes a wonderful skirt as well!!!

and a ‘blanket to sit on’. (Basically everyone needs one of these to go along with there bathing suit!)

The one thing that turned out really well is the back! It is the part I can actually take some satisfaction in! And it is just super cute with those cross ties!!!

And here I am sporting the hood attached to the cape!! (vintage bathing suits have the best accessories.) speaking of accessories , I also need to order a swim cap to match the outfit!!! (swim caps may not be glamorous but they are super great!)

A nice close up, (with our beagle in the background lol)

And lets finish it off with a SPLASH!

Thank you for watching and reading this post! I hope you feel encouraged to take more time with your projects as we learn together how to pace ourselves properly.

Until next time!!!

2 thoughts on “1930’s Bathing outfit spotlight! + I need to stop rushing projects.

  1. those photos didn’t turn out half bad!
    I especially like the one were you are sitting on your cape (if that’s what you call it :^)
    and the great splash!

    Liked by 1 person

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