My Favorite Country Songs About Leaving

Hello Friends,

Today’s post is going to be a little different.

In exactly 1 month I will be leaving New York. Only 4 weeks left. Time has flown by and time has crawled. In light of those 4 weeks I want to share with you 4 of my favorite country songs about leaving!! Yes, you heard me right, I do enjoy country music!! (but only the classic older stuff.) Anyway I hope you have a little time to sit back and enjoy some good songs!!

Feel free to grab a glass of water or mug of tea!! (or I suppose if your a cowboy you should grab coffee in a tin mug and sit in front of a campfire with nothing but the great blue sky above and your only companion being a horse. and if you are a true cowboy you should leave your smart phone and laptop at home, which means you won’t even be reading this post so…..😂😂)

The first one I want to share with you is a bit of a classic cowboy folk song. Lots of people have sung it but I really like Marty Robbins recording. He really is the king of country story songs!

This one is definitely a love song. (so if the thought of listening to a 6 minute song ‘about a guy singing to his girl about how much he misses her’ makes you roll your eyes and get queasy then this song isn’t for you.) However if you think that sounds sweet then listen on!

I have never heard electric guitar sound so well…country….the ending ‘like last minute’ makes you just picture someone galloping across the plains!!!! and the part of ‘drying her tears’ gets me every time.

This is just such a sweet song, I love how it is duet (I totally need to sing this with someone someday!!) , It has such a nice kind of ‘roll along’ feel to it!!! I love the line “Sing a song and bring the sunny weather”

This one has got to be one of my favorites!!! (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that it is sung by one of my favorite singers! lol)Although it wasn’t written by Chris Ledoux, he does such a wonderful job on it. and I find myself listening to it over and over!

Now I may not have a cowboy in the Red river valley of New York, one who is going to ‘find me under cold winter skies’, sing my songs to bring the good weather, or even ‘always be here if I ever come back. But I do have awesome friends and a loving family. I know that their love for me is strong and true.

During these tumultuous weeks of change I have found that music can truly speak to the soul, and I have enjoyed collecting favorites!

Let me know if you have enjoyed this style post and maybe I will do one sometime about my top favorite singers, or songs, or albums.

Which song was your favorite?

Have a great week and stay tuned for my upcoming post about my 1930s bathing suit ensemble!!!

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