Making a “Sound of Music” Inspired Curtain Dress!!!

Hello Freinds,

I came across the curtains for this dress at our very local thrift store. With my upcoming move and all, I wanted to be thrifty with what I spend money on. So I decided to check out the store to see if there was any good fabric options. When I can across this curtain it just screamed…well, curtain 😂. So I decided, why not make a ‘Sound of Music’ inspired curtain dress? After all it would be the perfect type of outfit to where for my party!!!

So I got to work!

(Don’t mind the red face and hands, it was a chilly morning when I set out with my tri pod and phone.)

The basket was the perfect accessory!

I hope you have enjoyed the post!! I will likely be back again this week, with the story of my amazing graduation/going away party!!!

till then!

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