Part 5: My Trial Week

Hello Freinds,

Its time for the last part of my Missouri prequel adventures, I hope you enjoy the post( and this one actually has pictures!!!)

This photo was taken on our last day right before I left.

At 2:30 in the morning 3 alarms went off in succession, I groggily flipped over and sat up, simultaneously smashing the snooze button.

We threw on some clothes, grabbed the last few things then jumped into the car. Kristi (my oldest sister) took the first shift. It was a very frigid morning.

And so, my trial week trip began, and what a week it was….

When I arrived at Sarah’s the next day we went right to work. The first thing we did every morning was send out fabric orders. Next was sewing our two projects for the week. We were making curtains for her studio and taking a pattern off of, and recreating an existing 1930’s dress.

The first day flew by in a flurry as we worked on curtains (lots of hand sewing was going to be involved do to the plastic pearls on the border fabric.)

The next day we worked on more curtains, Sarah was such a good teacher, she will correct you, but in a gentle way. And really encourage you when you do it well!

The curtain project was finally done and we moved onto the 1930s dress. (Working with an antique garment was like touching history. We both enjoyed guessing the kind of life the dress had lived through!) We used self-drafting and tracing techniques to get the finished pattern. Although I didn’t stay long enough to see its completion, I did see some photos later on.


I learned a lot of new skills in only a short week.

I got to meet Miss Mary, her husband and two grown sons, after a farm tour and a delicious dinner…

This is my buddy Freddie the cat!

We enjoyed some music in a lovely turquoise themed sitting room.


We also enjoyed dinner with Sarah and her family, by the end we were all laughing about goats or something.

And II got to play a hilarious game of apples to apples with Abby and Stephanie. (I still think a whatever fuzzy animal I chose was cuter than a super hero. Lol)

I made so many memories and, in a way, Missouri truly began to feel like home, it was bittersweet farewell on my last day. (after modeling some vintage coats, working on the dress and talking over details over tea and canned fruit.)

Isn’t she just gorgeous!!!

I was going home, but I would be back. Back to begin one of the most exciting journeys yet! A journey only Jesus could have made for me.

Yes, I believe in miraculous. And some dreams do come true!!!

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