Outfit Spotlight; Civil War Dress

Hello friends,

Today you get to enjoy a post of photos and a fun video (its not a boring tutorial, yay!)

You all get to finally see my Civil War outfit! To be honest I started making this thing back in October, (remember there are lots of parts to a historical outfit,( chemise, drawers, petticoat, dress, shoes, stockings, bonnet, apron. )

Okay then, with no further adou lets get started,

I really like this boot one! (I thrifted the boots and added more lacing holes) but I love the way it shows off the shoes, stockings, petticoat, and even the little frill on my drawer leg.

Photo credit goes to my talented cousin, go show her some support on her blog!!! https://joyfulphotography.photo.blog/blog/

Did you enjoy the post? Let me know in the comments what you think!

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