Part 4: A Place to Stay

Hello Friends,

Here is the fourth installment of my Missouri story!! There should only be one more explaining the history! (soon I will be out and living in the ‘show me state’)

The visit had been so splendid that on the way home I called my sisters to see if they wanted to join me on a return trip. The day after I got home, I emailed Sarah about scheduling my trial week. We decided on the last week of January (then about 3 months away)

My sisters took off work and we started plans…. that’s when something else miraculous happened.

But first a little back story…

I had been trying to figure out a good living situation and naturally thought an apartment was my only option.

I wished that I could somehow find a situation where someone wanted work in exchange for room and board and I confided those feelings with my friend Abby (the girl I met at the Missouri Bible study)

I expected her to sympathize and then move on (after all it was a wish not a reality) but her response was a surprise, she said her boss might be interested in letting me stay with their family for a little while.

I was shocked and ecstatic! My second wish could possibly come true!!!

She gave me the phone number for her boss (her name is Ms. Mary) I sent out a shy text and waited, soon we arranged a phone call. (have I ever told you how scary phone calls are for me?) Well, she was so kind and welcoming to me, even over the phone, and we talked over possibilities. Her two sons were moved out. Ms. Mary and her husband were planning on getting lots of farm animals in the spring!!

We decided that although we weren’t sure how long I would stay it would at least be a good place to ‘land’ for the first few months. We would have to see how we all got along.

 So, another door had been opened and the Lord was answering prayers, I scheduled a time to meet her when I went down in January., After a few more arrangements we prepared for the 16 1/2 hour drive.

I as so glad my sisters were joining me and I hoped and prayed we would all have a good time!

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