The Best Birthday Yet!!

Hello Friends,

This past Saturday (the 17th!!) was a wonderful party! One of my friends, Annie, had a birthday in April as well, so we decided to make a combined celebration out of it!

The Birthday girls!!!

It was so much fun just to take time to meet up with friends and make totally awesome memories!! (Although my appetite vanished and I was all nerves in the morning,) by the end I was wishing everyone could stay later and sorry to see them leave)

I was also blown away by all the gifts that were given to me! I had told everyone that gifts were not necessary and that just them showing up would be present enough! But still, here I was surrounded by presents gallor, they were all such sweet and thoughtful gifts from chocolates, to music, to stationary each present was so special!!!


Our first activity was going for a long walk through the lovely spring hills of New York!

After wards we came back to our garage where we ate lunch and opened gifts!

Then we did some square dancing! (a big thank you goes to my awesome friend Millie for calling all the dances! you are the best!!!)

Then after a short break and some more food, we headed up to our hill to have a bonfire!!! It was so much fun (my oldest brother came to the rescue in actually getting the soggy wood started!) We all stood around the fire finally warming up, everyone was just having a great time, it was nice that things finally slowed down and people had time for good conversations!!!

Our wonderfully talented friends played us a few country song covers! (if you are a lover old style country music then please go check out their YouTube channel!!

All to soon the evening had come to an end and we picked up our stuff and walked back home. Leaving the bright fire to burn alone.


I was actually very happy how my birthday outfit turned out!

Want to see how I made it??

Picture credit goes to my talented cousin Heidi, check out her blog here

The party was such a success!!! And I feel totally blessed that God has given me so many awesome friends!!!

You are all the best!!!

6 thoughts on “The Best Birthday Yet!!

  1. Congrats on the Birthday! It did look fun! But that dress is incredible! If I were sewing that, just give me five minutes and the tread will all be in knots! You do it so gracefully.
    My one suggestion to you, is using a darker color thread when sewing, that way it won’t show as much. You are sew (HAHA) talented!

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