Past and Future (a poem)

Hello dear friends,

I have once again written a ‘Birthday poem’ and I hope you find it enjoyable to read, as always I love to hear your thoughts!

All credit goes to my Lord Jesus who has guided me and brought me to this point, He truly gives me the inspiration to write!

Image credit goes to my talented cousin Heidi you can check out her photo blog here
Past and Future

A thousand questions swirl in my mind,
As I ponder on times ahead and behind.
I see the past and future unfurled,
The one so clear, the other still blurred.

The past is full of picture frames nailed to rustic walls
The future with its phantom hopes and fears haunting the misty halls.
My childhood I see and feel; I laugh, I cry as I follow where memory leads.
The other I cannot touch or know, my mind with questions pleads.

 Part of me sits upon the floor clutching pictures in my arms
Like a stubborn child I hold on to what I know and shy from all alarms.
And part of walks those unknown halls clothed in gauzy grey,
Then like the phantoms I am blinded by the mist and cannot see my way.

To be a child you must always see with eyes of fresh, new wonder.
To be a true adult you must dare to think and ponder.
Its not about never laughing or running in the rain,
It’s not about dependency, never thinking, nothing gained.

We shall always be children of our beloved God.
But, also a mature responsibility to be stewards where we trod.
Don’t shove away your memories in an old trunk backup. 
Don’t be a Peter Pan who never would grow up.

Let the two extremes walk hand in hand into God’s plan, 
They complement each other, you know they really can.
So, treasure and love the past, but not dwell upon it alone
Dare to dream ahead, but not fear the unknown. 

For the past and future neither can we determine
The one rolls on and away the other stretches into time.
But let us work for our Lord in the present Task
Which yesterday was the future, and tomorrow is the past. 

                                                                                                                                    -Mindy G. Moyer

8 thoughts on “Past and Future (a poem)

  1. Beautiful! Simply beautiful! It is so applicable and it really says what everyone who is going up, needs to hear! Thank you for sharing! You are one of my favorite authors!

    Liked by 1 person

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