Part 3:The First Meeting

Hello Freinds,

Here is the 3rd part in my Missouri move series! If you remember last time, I left you hanging as I waited for my Dad to return from a hiking trip to tell him about the idea.

Hope you enjoy!


My Dad returned home a few days later. The next morning, he came up the stairs and said that Mom had told him that I had some news. Well, there was no way of escaping it or beating around the bush. I started out hesitantly but, slowly gained in confidence as I told him all about the apprenticeship, the emails, and everything.

He smiled and thought it sounded like a great opportunity! Of course, both Mom and Dad had more questions, so I set to asking them.

We all decided that I should go visit Sarah sometime to make sure everything was as it seemed and to see how we got along in person. Afterall this was 3 years we are talking about. As we tossed around ideas my Dad suggested that we visit it her the end of that week. (My Mom has a busy schedule and can only go when she is not on call and the following weeks she wouldn’t be able to go.) I wasn’t so sure if Sarah would be available but, I emailed her with the question anyway. She said that she did have some available times that weekend!

It felt so spur of the moment, when my Mom and I decided to go. We rented an air bnb, tossed a few things in the car, and hit the road right after lunch on a Thursday afternoon. We took turns driving every 3 hours. By midnight, however, we had to pull over and rest for a few hours.

The next morning, we arrived in Missouri and checked out a lovely walking park with the ruins of a turn of the century mansion. It was cold and rainy but, the whole thing was totally spectacular! Then we took up some time checking out thrift stores before we headed over to the first meeting. (You can check out this link to the website of the state park if you are ever interested in visiting it yourself )

Although I was nervous it wouldn’t last long. We were welcomed into a lovely home and shown into a quaint parlor with Victorian settee and a beautiful 18th century dress displayed on a mannequin. We were given tea and we seated ourselves to talk.

It was soon clear that we got along quite well ,and often swerved off the business topics to share fun stories that came to mind. I brought along some of my past sewing projects. We found out how much we had in common as we  laughed and talked into the evening. All to soon the meeting was over.

 We were invited to attend their Saturday Bible study and then we would have another meeting on Sunday.

My Mom and I spent Saturday driving through the nearby town and checking out housing options before heading over to the Bible Study. Everyone was so nice and we studied the account of Noah and the Flood. I ended up making a new friend, after we both starting squealing over how cute a platypus would have been on the ark, yes its true lol. (You will see in later posts how God used her friendship in my hunt for a good place to stay!) We had a lovely time and stayed till the evening had become night.

The next morning Mom and I decided to spend taking a walk and enjoying some restful time. Then we headed over for our last meeting with Sarah. Again, we had tea, and talked more about the arrangements and details, we also brought up questions we both had. She wanted me to come down one more time before confirming and starting the apprenticeship to see if we worked together as wonderfully as we got along talking.

After giving her some maple syrup and a squash, we said our goodbyes with lingering hugs and fond farewells. We left Missouri early in the morning, it had been such a lovely time and I felt like I had found a place to belong.

It was only the beginning, however, as I began to plan my return trip…to the now dear state of Missouri.  

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