Time to make my entire wardrobe vintage; #vintageafy!


Hello Freinds,

You all know that I have a unusual fascination and love for vintage fashion, and I have for over a year made a some outfits and shared some of them with you!! But I haven’t ever made the big decision or commitment to make all of my clothes and thus my entire wardrobe vintage inspired.

I have found the ’30s and ’40s so classic and pretty, not to mention full of practical styles and lovely hats. So in a way this has been a long time coming, and I hope you all enjoy joining me as a share what I discover along the way.

I am tired of dressing in elastic waited skirts and oversized blouses, its time I tackle my unruly style. Not only just the dresses I wear to go away in (actually most of them are already kind of ‘vintage’ )but also, the clothes I where around the farm and the ones I get dirty in.)

My Dream wardrobe will be…


casual ….

and elegant…..

I know I will officially be joining the ‘stand out’ part of the crowd. But that it okay, after all everyone already calls me weird and it is who I am at heart. I hope that through this process I will continue to grew into the confident person that the Lord created me to be and it is my sincere desire that I may be able to encourage others who find themselves in similar situations.

If you like here is a short video about it all;

Let me know what you think, and if you have new wardrobe plans!

Thank you all for stopping by and continuing this journey with me!

Stay tuned for more as this is only the beginning!

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