Part 2: The Reply

Hey Friends,

It is time for part two of the story about my Missouri life change. If you missed part one you can check it out here

Now having done the unusual, (sending out the inquiry) I tried putting it far from my mind. I was quite sure I wouldn’t get a response and so that was that. (Of course, it doesn’t mean I didn’t check my email frequently or perhaps obsessive would be more the more accurate word.)

I had sent out the email on Friday and when I checked my inbox, yet again, on Monday evening I saw a response. My heart practically jumped as I opened the email and read the contents. The owner, whose name was Sarah, replied with the information that she did do internships, as well as private lessons, and apprenticeships. She thanked me for my interest and asked where I lived.

I replied with the more information and questions regarding both the internship and the apprenticeship. My heart fluttered with excitement as I dared to imagine a dream come true, a wish granted but, more then that it was an answer to all those prayers for direction.

She emailed back with details of each option. The internship was for a few months but the apprenticeship lasted for 3 years. The price was beyond reasonable, and my heart automatically switched gears to wanting to choose the longer more in-depth apprenticeship program. I would get to learn beside her and unlike the shorter options, with this I would be getting trained how to one day run my own business. I would even work up to being paid as a full-time employee. I would have the opportunity to travel for business, sometimes all expenses paid! I now dared to dream, it was all I ever could have imagined or envisioned but, better.

The next step was telling my parents. My Dad was gone on a hiking trip with my brother and wouldn’t be back for a few days, so might as well start by telling my Mom. It has always been difficult for me to share things even with people I love and trust but, my Mom listened and although I know the idea of me leaving is still hard for her, she was a huge support. Now it was just down to my Dad. I knew that if he vetoed it I couldn’t go, I needed my parents blessing and support. So, I waited and continued to email back and forth with Sarah…..

Well thanks for reading!!!

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