Part 1: A Normal Autumn Evening

Now my friends, it is time to start the long story of how and why my life will be changing so drastically this summer.

I hope you enjoy.

It was a very typical evening for me, as I searched the web for a good 1860’s cloak pattern. I checked out the common sites and then found a link to some blogs. I happened across a blog that was explaining about what the proper things to wear during a reenactment and the Lady had included a link to a custom sewing website, Ensembles of the Past, I clicked the link and looked at the prices they had, I then happened to see there was also a blog attached to the website. Always eager to find more good blogs, I checked it out.

I read the about section, and with excitement found that the owner of the shop and blog was a Christian, historical seamstress, who lived in Missouri. I clicked the subscribe button and dove into the blog posts. The one I happened to read talked about how the owner’s business partner, had resigned.  I read on, she also mentioned at the end that she one day hoped to take interns and apprenticeships.

The next thing I did was just out of character (I really believe this was the holy spirit prompting me) I want to the contact me page and wrote out a short message that went something like this;

“Hello, my name is Mindy, I read one of your posts where you mentioned how it was one of your dreams to teach” I was wondering, do you offer internships? “ Thank you

I sent it off and then waited, all the time telling myself that, since the blog had not been active for almost a year, the message would likely never be received, let alone replied to.

What happened?

Well you will just have to wait for Part 2….. Meanwhile I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

-Have you ever done anything that was really gutsy and out of character? If so what came of it?

-What is happening in your life this summer?

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