The Teaser post

Hello Freinds,

As always I hope this post finds you well.

I thought I would just pop in for a short conversational post, a post that might just give you what you have been waiting for..

Yep, that’s right, it is time to get ready for the long series about hemming (haha just kidding, I know you guys would mutiny.) Actually it is time to get ready to tell you all about how my life is going to be changing drastically this summer. (no no I am not getting married,)

Anyway I will soon start the whole story in a more organized and formal style, because it is way to amazing just to gloss over. This story has God’s fingerprints all over it! And it is just so truly excting that not even my crazy imagination could have invented it.

So stay tuned to the coming posts, and I hope you enjoyed this teaser into what is ahead.

P.S. Did any of you notice the hidden clue?

4 thoughts on “The Teaser post

  1. Ummm, hemming might be boring to *do* but the different types of hemming possible aren’t boring to just *think* about😂 Also I feel like it’s cheating to know what the clue is because I already know what this whole post is about lol

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  2. Yay totally its a double negative lol, but the way people are talking, it seems like they think when I leave home I am going to get married within the next year! hahaha

    Thanks for stopping by!


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