A Summertime Bike Photoshoot

Hey Freinds,

I am currently away from home, so this post is going us as a scheduled post, and I hope you will enjoy!!!

I thought with it being especially cold this week, that more then a few of us are beginning to long for summer. So in this vertial age I thought I would take you back to last summer……

*As is usual none of these photos are edited….and I am sure people in the professional photo business might be annoyed..

But will no further adou, let us head into a bright sunny morning. The dew has just burned off the grass and the wind blows gently through the trees…….

peek-a-boo just saying ‘Hi’
oh no, looks like my shadow has given my position away.
I love the bike shadow in this one.
a nice close up on old clover….
My grandparents blue heeler, is totally steeling the spotlight in this one. lol

I hope you all enjoyed this taste of summer!!!

Let me know what you think in the comments below!!!

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