1860s Belle inspired dress/ P1: Struggling to make a mockup./

Hey Friends,

I hope this post finds you well and excited for the new year!

Speaking of excited! A few months ago I got my first custom order! It is for a Civil war inspired gown! I have just started on the process of making it and I hope ya’ll want to come along!

In this first video I take you on the process of making a partial mock up, the movie isn’t as smooth as some but I hope you will still be able to get something out of it!!

It was a tough process and at times I felt a but overwhelmed but once I found my main source of attack it wrapped up pleasingly well!

Thank you all for hanging out with me for a little while! If you have enjoyed your time here please give the post and video a like, comment and if you haven’t yet subscribe!!

Have a great New Years!

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