His Christmas Prayer

Like a movie scene I can still see it all played out…..In a snowy field in the frosty morning air walked a young man. He wore jeans, a heavy coat and old work boots. In his hands he carried his well-loved, dog-eared Bible. He was saying something in fervent prayer and continued on for some time then in painful frustration he fell to his knees in the fresh snow and taking his hat off threw it to the side. Tears formed in his dark eyes and streamed down his face leaving white streaks behind them. “Lord” he prayed, “Lord, where is she? I have prayed for her, You know I have, Where is my future wife?

Then like the shimmering of sunshine on snow a figure clothed in radiant white with a face so bright one could not quite make it out faded into view standing right next to him. After a moment he rested his fatherly hand on the young man’s shoulder and spoke gently “She is not ready yet,” he sighed.

“Why is she not ready yet? Is she too young? Is she in trouble? Why, I thought I might meet her soon?”

The Lord looked at his earnest face and pleading eyes and spoke with a heavy heart “She is not any of these,” The Lord said.  “She is afraid.”

At first, he just looked shocked, but his look quickly changed to concern. “Afraid?” He looked up at his Lord “Afraid of what?”

“She is afraid of trusting someone, other then me, with her whole heart, she is afraid of being vulnerable, she is afraid to trust.”

The young man looked up stunned, as if a good friend had just punched him in the stomach. “Afraid of me, surely she knows I would protect her, not harm her, afraid of me……” He looked down wounded, in deep thought and picked up a handful of snow shaped it into a sphere and then let it fall from his hand limply into the snow. He was hurt deeply, finally after a few minutes he recovered himself. “So, I cannot meet her till she conquers this fear…” the realization slowly verbalized.

The lord looked with eyes filled with compassion at his son. “You must pray she will surrender her fears to me….”

“And if she does not.?”  

Let us hope she does,” He paused and musing for a moment, replied  “The day she surrenders all her fears to me and prays for a husband instead of a boyfriend will be the day she has taken the 2 first major steps.”

The young man looked at the snow, part of him wanted to yell out something angry but it was his heart that broke, “Must we live forever apart, must we forever suspend our happy union. Lord please give her trust, I would take her fears and all but, but, she would not take me…..She would not have me.” His voice choked and he repeated, “She would not have me.”

Still in my mind I can see it, burned into my memory like a flame. I still see him kneeling in the snow-covered field, I see him bow his head and his loyal heart pray for a girl he feels like he might never have.

And although the scene remains it is no longer alone, for with it is another of a girl with tear filled eyes and a repentant heart, casting her fears down at the feet of her Lord, and praying for the one who her heart shall love.

4 thoughts on “His Christmas Prayer

  1. There’s so much truth in this…fear definitely seems to be the antithesis of giving love and absolutely for receiving love. It reminded me of this verse…”There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” -1 John 4:18

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