Hey Everyone,

I hope you enjoy this short poem, I wrote this evening as I sat under one of my favorite pine trees watching the darkening evening.

There is a cold bite now in the air

It nips at the end of your nose

Leaves drift and fall

Carless and without heed they pile everywhere


The colors are gone, the cold remains, remember

Some say it is a desolate month

The world all cold and barren

It is the chilly, grey month of November


But through the sky’s bitter tears

I see a light a glow ‘in

It shines past us, past time

Its glimmer calms our fears


People need not search high or low

To see this light a shin ‘in

Where its rosy glow is found

A smile is beaming in tow.


This is the light of Jesus my King

That his presence carries

At Christmas we shall celebrate Him

praises to God make our voices ring


He is the closest friend that ever we would find

Always just a word a way

Walking by our side,

His love endures for all of mankind


So past princes, past kings this light embers

To warm our cold heart,

And calm our restless fears,

It is a light that shines through all years to remember

Even through the cold, dark days of November.

~Mindy Moyer

4 thoughts on “November

    1. Thank you,
      Very funny is the fact that I needed a post and wasn’t sure what to write and then I went outside into the evening and jotted it down….. I like the way inspiration works.


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