I knit a Sweater!!!

Hey everyone, this is a exciting post to share with you all, I recently finished knitting my first ever sweater!!! As soon as I learned how to knit (more like after my awesome cousin had to painstakingly show and explain the process again and again till my slow mind grasped it) I wanted to make a sweater. However knitting patterns are way to confusing and I happened to find a great YouTube and free pattern tutorial (I will link that at the bottom of this post for all who are interested)

Anyway let us get into this process……

The fist step as always is casting on… (there were more stitches then this)

And then it was on to the back panel (this picture is of it almost done.) Since I would be wearing it with a skirt a shortened the number of rows by 14. (let us just face it sometimes it feels like knitting never ends)

The front panel went pretty well too, and everything looked great except the uneven neckline. (my fault)

I then sewed the two panels together at the shoulder seams…..

I had to knit the sleeves, that I also shortened. (I wanted them to be at a practical elbow length but since the shoulder seam is lower then normal they extended past my elbow)

Now everything had to be positioned correcting (stitch markers come in handy) and sewn together

Of course no sweater post is complete without a pig-burrito

Who needs a boyfriend when they have this cute little fellow!!!

Here are the links to the blog post with the sweater pattern and video https://www.sewrella.com/simple-knit-sweater/

I hope you enjoyed!!!! and please let me know if you have any good knitting tips.


-There was an option for more of a neck finish (I wanted to be done so I left as is,)

-The way the neckline and the ‘off shoulder’ shoulder seams look reminds me of Mid–Victorian fashion!

-Stay tuned for more of this Autumn/pumpkin spice themed at fit!!! (I am working on the skirt!)

-As always if you enjoyed this post and want to see more please hit the like button, subscribe and leave me a comment!

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