Making Crab apple Verjuice

I know what you are thinking, “Crab apple where what? Well to say it simpler crab apple verjuice is fermented crab apple juice an item popular during the the mediaeval ages and even up through the 18th century!

There is not a historical way to make it but….

I made it with a juicer, (you are now looking at me with critical eyes and whispering to each other ‘she says she loves old fashioned things but apparently she is all talk and no do.’) To be fair I wanted to see if I would like it before trying to make it the historical accurate (and much longer) way. Anyways with this method you can reproduce it at home with what you have. I shall just tell you what I did so follow along!

Here is the article I used….very helpful; (it shows it in more of a recipe format with more history!)

First of all I grabbed a basket (lined it with a clean garbage bag) and headed over to the tree!

I believe it is a 1/2 bushel basket

I then picked enough to fill about 1/2 of the basket (equivalent to 1/4 bushel I think)

Next I picked up the basket and putting it on one handlebar of my bike attempted to drive home, but instead I proceeded to dump the entire contents on the grass. (this is a very important step LOL)

After I had refilled my basket and walked it and my bike home I got set up in the house. I had to clean them so I splashed a bit of vinegar in a container then filled it up the rest of the way with water.

the vinegar
the water

I picked them out, sorted them, and picked off unwanted debris (like grass LOL)

Now for the excitement ….popping them in the juicer (if you don’t have a juicer you can put them in a food processer and grind and then put them in a cloth and strain out the liquid)

Meanwhile I sanitized my jar and then poured the juice into it.

Being naturally curious I tried some foam from the top

This is my literal face expression (no reannactment)

I ended up taking away some of the foam (LOL). I finished filling the bottle, put a cloth on top, and stuck it in a dark pantry to sit.

I believe this next picture I took after it had fermented a week (I was meaning to take a photo every week but… know how things can go.)

So it has set for about one month (they say you can use when it is 2 weeks aged but I decided to let it sit for the whole month) and I took it out and strained out the weird stuff that had settled to the bottom, washed the bottle and then poured it back in. Make sure to REFRIGERATE

look at the light reflection

No it is not wine or vinegar it is….(dramatic sound effect) Verjuice. (warning it is alcoholic and it tastes kind of sour) but in truth a sour tinge is the glory of this fruit! .. And it is meant to be made with other foods not eaten alone.

Well I hope you enjoyed this fun and humorous look into the ‘making of’ crab apple verjuice. If so please give it a like and subscribe!


Would you ever like to try making this recipe?

What is your vote and me making this the old fashion way next year?

Do you have any recipes you want me to try with the verjuice?

And have you ever tried to carry a basket of crabapples on your bike?

9 thoughts on “Making Crab apple Verjuice

  1. Haha, well I could say that the bicycle idea wasn’t smart but the fact remains that I would have done the exact same thing!
    The recipe looks pretty cool but I don’t think I’ll make it, I want to try my hand at crab apple jelly again!
    Hmmm I don’t have any recipes but I can’t wait to see what you come up with and I think it would be interesting to see you do it the old fashioned way!

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  2. While I really liked this recipe, I would likely not try to make it, just because I wouldn’t have the patience.:) I would really enjoy it if you did it the old fashioned way though. That would be really neat! I don’t know if this would work or not, but I thought it would be tasty cooking some of the verjuice with meat. And, lastly, I have never tried to carry crabapples on my bike, but I have carried rakes, buckets, water bottles, weedwackers, and all sorts of other things. 🙂

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  3. I make cider and apple jellies with other flavour ingredients, rowan is a good one very savoury. I may use pears which I’ve read are an alternative s I have more of them. I understand verjuice was used in pickling like vinegar. I’m reading a book called The Miniaturist where the author describes lemon juice being used domestically in Medieval NL alongside vinegar . I think she may be mixing up lemon juice for verjuice though as surely you could not afford lemons for these uses at that time. So. I’ll be experimenting with my verjuice for such things this winter,

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