Thrifted Refashion

Hey you all! I am very excited to share this project with you! I am feeling kinda discouraged with sewing but I still wanted to make something for our girls trip to Lake Ontario. So I decided on trying and refashion a very sad and baggy dress I got from a thrift store into a 20’s style bathing dress and turban.

As you can see what I mean by sad (though I am a fan of some loose fitting dresses this just wasn’t what I wanted.

To start I looked up a bunch of photos… a lot of 20’s bathing suits were a like a romper style, but I wanted something easy so I just stuck to a simple dress. Here is the picture I really took into my project.

AS you can see they are wearing dresses with shorts underneath

Anyways on to the project….. the first thing I did was take off some considerable length from the bottom, till the bottom was a little below my knees (remember to leave a little extra length for the hem.) Then I did a simple double hem. (hem once then curl up and hem again.)

Next I took in the side seams quite a bit (I didn’t curve in for the waist but kept it all straight.) I believe I took in more then 2 inches (make sure to take some off each side or your dress neck and sleeves will look very odd.

I also did a zigzag stitch along the edges.

Now I had a problem the back of the dress was missing a button and someone sewed on a very mismatched replacement. I decided to change the back to lace up instead of button up. I took of the buttons and sewed in button holes where they were. I then cut the correct amount of ribbon and after a few tries threaded it through the way I envisioned.

The dress was done….and I was stuck trying to brainstorm a turban!! I decided to try using the leftover fabric from the bottom of the dress and after many failed attempts (and my younger brother allowing me use his head to wrap it on)….I finally hit upon the perfect way (without even any pins!!!!)

Anyways the whole process actually came out pretty well and I am pleased with the result. The dress is 100% cotton (a heavy cotton that reminds my a bit of wool). Underneath I were a close fitting bathing/ body suit that had shorts coming almost to the knee.

And I swam with it on, it offered freedom of movement and added warmth. (The turban also worked fairly well in the water too though I didn’t submerge it) It was great to feel modest enough in a bathing suit to walk around in it and take photos!!!

I was really excited to find these shoes at a thrift store….they are very reminiscent of ’20s bathing shoes wit the ankle twist. (see my reference photo)

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Have you ever refashioned anything?

Do you have a favorite vintage style?

Credit for these amazing photos goes to my awesome cousin, check out her blog for more at;

5 thoughts on “Thrifted Refashion

  1. Girl you definitely rock this look and the idea was really genius! Sometimes God gives you the best inspiration when you don’t even know it!
    And I’m glad to see the black and white edit in there, I really liked it 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Heidi, I was very happy with how warm it turned out to be. And yes I liked the black and white edit.I forgot to link your blog in it last night because I was in a rush but I did this morning!)
      As always thanks for taking the photos!😊

      Liked by 1 person

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