Outfit Spotlight 1#

Okay, here is a little post spotlighting my 1940’s peasant blouse and skirt outfit…..so enjoy!!!

Here is a close up on the lace, although it looks very pretty unfortunately it was a bit scratchy.
Here is a close up on the turban, I stuck my Mom’s childhood ring into the center to add a little flare.
I think one of my favorite parts of this ensemble is the beautiful gather, I am so pleased on how it came out!
I found this stick that looked like a ‘V,’ which is perfect, in WWII it was all about ‘V’ for victory!
I wanted to show that this outfit is practical and useful. Besides a ‘peasant blouse’ belongs with on armful of wood!
Of course I couldn’t resist….. a scene from a 1944 film, (haha just joking, but this was a fun shot.)
The shoes I got second hand, although comfy I should have worn socks (yep…ouch blisters😣)
I ordered these glasses off Etsy, and while it took some courage to where these, they really shout early ’40s!

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this post, let me know if you would like me to do more ‘spotlight’ posts in the future. And as always I love to hear from you all and answer any questions!

The credit for these photos goes to my awesome cousin and fellow blogger. Check out her blog at; https://joyfulphotography.photo.blog/blog/

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