Making a 1940’s Blouse and Turban

Okay, here is the second part to my 1940’s outfit, the blouse wasn’t as tricky since I made it once before for my birthday outfit, I have to mention that this peasant style blouse would make a very good maternity shirt. Anyways let’s get started, you’ll notice that the colors aren’t that fancy but, I wanted to make an outfit I could work in, at least that way I can where it more. Actually I was pleasantly surprised how the outfit looked, although it had a simple colors it could be worn for many different events while not looking to drab or too dressy

Okay then I will stop going on and on, and let’s get started.

First I laid out my pattern, it was so wrinkly that I ironed it then used some packing tape to repair the tears that it come with (but I couldn’t really blame an almost 80 year old pattern for being a little roughed up LOL.)

Then I laid out my fabric and pinned the pattern to it, I have to mention that the pattern layout shows laying out the sleeve piece twice on one layer of fabric, but I just layed it out once on my folded fabric and it turned out fine.

This fabric was so dizzying to look at.
the 2 large pices were cut on a fold

Now I unfolded the 2 large pieces and placing their right sides together sewed a 1/2 inch seam.

I then sewed the ends of the sleeve together.

Sorry some of the next pictures are pretty blurry

I then went to the front of the sleeve and hemmed it in (I think it was about 1/4 inch though I did it pretty narrow)

I then curled it up again and pinned the lace to it and sewed it all down.

I then turned the sleeve inside out and pinned and stitched it to the blouse.

Now I found the middle of the front of the blouse (wordy) which wasn’t to hard because of a fold line. I then sewed on a button hole and opened it up with my stitch ripper.

I paused working on the top of the blouse and hemmed up the bottom with a double hem.

I then had to work on the neck line, creating the tube like space to let the draw string go through, first I cut 2 nice long strips of fabric over an inch wide on the bias and sewed them together diagonally (if you want to know the whole process here is the link to a very helpful article….

(if you are making this and don’t have a long strips you can sew short ones together diagonally at the connecting ends.)

I then pressed down a quarter inch on one side.

And sewed the connected strips to the neck line (with right sides facing)

I trimmed down the seam and pressed it up.

Now I flipped the bias strip to the inside of the blouse, and (turning under the edge as you go) pin it to the inside.

Now cut the length of ribbon you want and attach a safety pin to one end and thread it through the top.

Now I pulled it to fit and tried it on!!! All done!!!

The turban was pretty simple, I just measured the one triangle scarf I had and adjusted it to more normal numbers, it was 25″ tall and 50″ wide

All I did was add one inch to each measure, cut it out and gave it a double hem-

this is shown unhemmed

Since I cut out the bottom on the side of the fabric where it wouldn’t fray I didn’t have to double hem 50″ on the bottom. Next time I might change up the measurements but for now it works well.


I am really glad I completed this outfit, I will have to shorten the ribbon for the neck but that is trivial. Their is something so satisfying about wearing something you made and I really encourage people to try it out. I am planning on getting a few photos of the complete outfit for you all so stay tuned for that.

Have you recently completed a project that you are excited about? If so why don’t you tell me about it, I’d love to know!

Do you have any questions about this post, or any other? Comments mean a lot to me and I love to hear from you all!!!

6 thoughts on “Making a 1940’s Blouse and Turban

  1. I love how that turned out!!! It looks really good!!! Honestly, most handmade outfits are something you wouldn’t want to wear every day but not this!!! I love it!


  2. Hi Mindy. I enjoyed your new post on making a blouse…brought back memories of when we made a blouse in Home Economics class – back in the 60’s. I bumped into a blog this morning that I thought you would enjoy…by a former homeschooler just heading for nursing school. The blog is: – about making things for a hope chest……maybe you have already seen it. There are links for vintage sewing patterns there as well..

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