Story Prompt Pick #2

Hey you all, how has it been? My life has recently been pretty busy, I attended a writers conference, and then it’s home for a family reunion and vacation so my life has been pretty full.

However I still want to give you some good posts to read. Last time I did a story prompt pick it was quite popular and this time you get two weeks instead of one to choose your favorite.

Rules are simple just comment below number (1 2 or 3) of the story prompt you like best, at the end of 2 weeks I will take the most popular prompt and and turn it into a story.

  1. “Lord save me,” Ania prayed as she ducked into another alley. Her heart pounded wildly and her breath came in short ragged gasps. But fear forced her to run, run from the Russians. The year was 1939 and she could still hear their cries far behind and hoped against hope they had lost her trail. It had been so peaceful, only last evening in her small Polish village. ~~~Everyone had been busying themselves with preparations for nightfall. Ania had been milking their cow when without warning three Russian soldiers stepped into the dimly lit barn, they had dirty beards and wild hungry eyes, each was well armed. Ania wasn’t going to wait to see what they wanted, she knew all too well. She had done the first thing that came to her mind, ‘throw the milk pail in their faces.’ The confusion lasted long enough for her to dash out the door and run for her life. ~~~ With her thoughts on the evening before Ania payed no thought to where she was going, and rounded a corner just as she looked back. Without warning She collided with something hard and the impact knocked her to the ground. Dizzy and confused she lay on her stomach, her face in the dirt. Ania raised her head out of the grime and lifted her gaze. She gasped in horror as her eyes followed two black boots up to the unmistakable olive-green uniform of a German soldier.


2. She took a step back, nearly tripping on her dress, as Jerod approached “Lucy I love you?” He said as he kneeled? “I love you more than anything, will you-? “

“Wait Jerod please,” Lucy backed herself against the old glass window of the tower. “You don’t know what you’re saying, you could never marry me, please don’t ask it will only make it harder in the end.”

“We can leave this place together, we can build a home and have a family somewhere safe you don’t always have to live like this. ” He imploringly grasped her hand.

For a moment Lucy stopped, she loved him more than anything, but that is why she couldn’t marry him, still she wanted to listen to him but- “No,” she couldn’t bare it any longer. Tears fell from her eyes as she tore her hands away from his loving grasp and spun around. In her emotion and haste Lucy forgot the window, her violent gesture flung her body again the frail glass and, in a horrifying, second it shattered. For moment time stopped as she tried vainly to regain her balance but, with a terrified scream toppled from the tower window, and towards the ground below.


3. Annabelle gazed out the window as she combed her long blonde hair.

“Whatever happened to William?” asked her Aunt Helen who rocked in the chair and crotched a red shawl.

She yanked angrily at a knot in her hair, and tried to forget. Tried to forget that strong handsome man, the man with those deep blue eyes and raven colored hair, the man whom she loved and who once said he loved her.

“Well?” Her Aunt stared at her expectantly, pausing mid stitch.

Annabelle looked up “He is gone, gone like the wind.” And then dropped her gaze to the floor and let her locks fall in front of her face to hide the blush of shame that rose to her cheeks, Annabelle was never a good liar.

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