Tie Tie Again; Classic ’40s Turban Tutorial

This turban has the classic shape that was popular during the 40’s, (now for a little history)

During the War most of the men were out in the battle front fighting for freedom which meant they left their jobs and work in the U.S. The country still had to eat and war materials still had to be produced so, women stepped up to fill the vacancies in factories, farms, and other places. Keeping their hair out of the machinery and mud suddenly became an important issue for them. There solution….scarves, Not only were they practical but also pretty and versatile.

Now unto our tutorial.

You will want to put your hair up onto your head. If your hair is too long or too short you can still do the look by just leaving your hair down and tying on the turban ontop.

I am starting with a square scarf, it is approximately 30 inches. A smaller one or larger one could still work fine for this style. (notice that I am wearing an tube scarf on my head, not only for modesty, but also because it gives the scarf grip and keeps your little hair frizzes out of your way.

  1. Now fold your scarf in half so it forms a triangle.
Yep, haha I had some sunburn on my neck (I was at my cousins vacation cottage and had got burnt when I went swimming.)

2. Place your scarf at the back of your head (I lowerd the scarf after the photo so it completely covered my head..)

3. Now make sure that your scarf point is centered on your face and bring up your tails.

4. Make sure your scarf is in the right place and tie a single knot above the point.

5. Flip the point of over your knot.

6. Now tie another knot over your point.

7. Finally tuck one of your tails in on one side fold then tuck your other tail and your point into the other side fold. ENJOY!!!

Remember it may take a few trys before it turns our well, but keep at it. If you have any questions you can ask me in the comments below. (love to hear from my subscribers!!!)

What about you? Do you have a bygone style you enjoy? Do you have any ?favorite hair scarf tutorials?

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