Introducing my new series; Tie Tie Again

Hey friends,

I am excited to be launching my first ever blog series; Tie Tie Again! This will be a bunch of fun throw-back tutorials explaining how to tie head wraps.  I especially love vintage and retro head scarf styles (haha big surprise!!) so those styles will probably predominate the tutorials.

These posts won’t just be for those who practice head covering but for anyone who wants to keep their hair clean, up, and out of their face (and may I add for anyone who loves the past!!!).  

So what’s the inspiration well…).  I came across an amazing find, at a salvation army thrift store, it was a bunch of square scarves and even one triangle!!! And well…. A vintage old-fashioned girl like me just couldn’t pass up the chance to get creative with these squares of cloth….. I also have to add that I wanted to do some posts that could be put to use and be practical to my faithful followers and new visitors. (oh and you men reading this before you give up that there is nothing for you I hope to post some manly kerchief stuff.)

We can will have a great time. I won’t necessarily be posting all in succession, and their will be plenty of others articles in between.

Okay….I have announced long enough, I hope you are excited and prepared to come along as we wrap, twist, and tie.

P.S. Thank you so much for those who gave feedback on the last post, I haven’t forgotten your suggestions and I plan to do some of them!!!

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