Why I Stopped…

I am sorry to disappoint you, but my friends I must tell you something. I have stopped my patriotic project. Since I told you all about it making it and my plans for it, I feel it my duty to tell you why I stopped. Really my motive was wrong for starting. (I want to clarify that in itself making a 18th century outfit isn’t wrong at all) but it was my inner reasons that not even I could see (or more like didn’t want to see.)

The Lord opened my eyes to what my motive was, I had been thinking how fun it would be to dress up I would be ‘beautiful’ then and in a way it would make my meek head covering and simple clothes something grand, I mean you should see some of the bonnets, hats, or caps women were back then. If I dressed historically all the time no one would even think twice about my head covering. It was vain then and it is vain now. Truthfully it would have drawn the focus off God and his calling to me and to my skills and sewing abilities.

As I was making the ‘bum pad’, it just seemed so pointless and silly. How was I pursuing God and furthering his kingdom in that? Yes, it wasn’t ‘bad’ really but it wasn’t for God and if you aren’t doing something for God then you are doing something against Him. In this case I was furthering MY kingdom not his. As I continue to study the fashion of history, I have found many vain trends, what people did in the name of fashion was at times shocking and often very ridiculous.

Where did all this pomp fit into my own life, fit into God’s plan for my life. Truth is I liked the I praise got, the comments, the glory for making something all by myself, I was proud and I wanted to do it, so I could be great by my own doing. The Lord again has gently led me away from folly. How many times He has called me closer to Him despite my many failures shows just how gracious our God is.

I am sorry to disappoint more people (I guess that is what I get for jumping ahead and trying to do things my way.) And I understand if you are angry. I hope you can forgive me.

What will I post about now? Well, that will be a surprise for you and me. However, this time I will seek the Lord before launching a new series or posting at all. Truly He is the most wonderful, kind, and loving leader I could ever ask for. So, I leave it in His hands. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what he has in store!

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